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AFRIKAANS – PETISIE: Presidensiële kwytskelding vir Wilhelm Pretorius en die Boerevolk se politieke gevangenes in Suid-Afrika
ENGLISH – PETITION: Presidential pardon for Wilhelm Pretorius and the Boer Nation’s political prisoners in South Africa
NEDERLANDS – PETITIE: Presidentiële gratie voor Wilhelm Pretorius en de politieke gevangenen van de Boeren-natie in Zuid-Afrika
DEUTSCHE – PETITION: Präsidentschaftsbegnadigung für Wilhelm Pretorius und die politischen Gefangenen der Boer Nation in Südafrika
FRANÇAIS  PÉTITION: Pardon présidentiel de Wilhelm Pretorius et des prisonniers politiques de la nation Boer en Afrique du Sud
ITALIANO – PETIZIONE: grazia presidenziale a Wilhelm Pretorius e ai prigionieri politici della nazione boera in Sudafrica

IMPORTANT NEWS 21 August 2017: Sign the new petition, addressed to the President of South Africa HERE: Amnesty for Wilhelm Pretorius and the Boer Political Prisoners. Wilhelm and the Boeremag accused is incarcerated since 2002 for high treason. The 11 years behind bars during the 11 year trial did not count as part of their sentences! In 2013 only, some is sentenced for ANOTHER 25 year effective imprisonment. It is double the highest sentence for high treason in the history of South Africa. Enough injustice for the prisoner. It is time for the men to go home.

NEWS July 2017: The Boer Political Prisoners approach the Constitutional Court because of illegal incarceration due to their right to appeal being taken away from them due to the ineffective legal system. Read more and download the actual petition addressed to Judge Mogoeng-Mogoeng here.

Injustices against the political prisoners of the Boer Nation have raged on relentlessly for two decades. The world, and even our own nation, is not aware of this. These injustices are concealed behind locks and chains, and any references made to this are merely swept beneath the carpet. Most of the people do not remember, others don’t know, and those that do know, don’t want to remember.

BOERVIN wants to remind the world, show the world, lift the veil off the glaring injustices. The time has come for the political prisoners of the Boer Nation to go home. Support Boervin in this project! You can make a difference!

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