Press Release: Comment on article on News24 on 2 May 2018: ‘Boeremag link to state IT company and dodgy police supplier’

Riëtte Pretorius from Boervin (Boer People Freedom Initiative) whose main aim is to defend the human rights of the Boer People’s political prisoners ( responded that the Boeremag doesn’t exist unless there is some individual claiming that he or she is the Boeremag.

Pretorius explains: “I expect there must be hidden agendas by people making this false accusations towards the former so-called ‘Boeremag’ individuals. If any of this can really be linked to any former ‘Boeremag’ members, which I doubt, it must be an individual doing something in his/her own capacity. It is more likely to be a conceived conspiracy to discredit the so-called ‘Boeremag’ and thus also the true Boer People of South Africa.”

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