The Current Situation

What is the current situation with regard to the Boer Nation Political Prisoners?

The ‘Boeremag’ originated as a project of Crime Intelligence with the purpose to provoke ordinary members of public to partake in its actions.  Innocent citizens were recruited with a threat of violence of black people against white people and a provocation to organize themselves within a defensive structure to defend themselves against such threat.  Crime Intelligence planted agent provocateurs to steadily change the plans from defensive to offensive.  The reason for this was that Crime Intelligence could “unmask” a bigger right-wing threat in order to have more access to the secret funds.  The result of these actions of Crime Intelligence was that the actual victims of the ‘Boeremag’ ended up behind bars, since 2002, by way of entrapment. Some of the victims of the ‘Boeremag Project’ decided to turn against the others by acting as state witnesses. These state witnesses are walking free today.

At the beginning of the trial, most of the Boeremag accused brought a special plea by which they attested the jurisdiction of the court. The reason for the plea was that they viewed themselves not as criminals, but as soldiers and were therefore entitled at the least to be regarded as Prisoners of War.  The Pretorius brothers: Dr Johan (medical doctor), Kobus (agricultural Engineer) and Wilhelm Pretorius (theological student) finally, after 7 years of the trial, succeed in bringing an application by which they applied for the status of Prisoners of War.  In spite of the fact that they fully judicially qualify to be acknowledge as Prisoners of War, the judge denied their application and they are still not being treated as such.  The state produced the evidence during the trial, that the accused proclaimed a Boer Republic and that a war was declared by the South African Boer Republic.  They were therefore justly soldiers and South Africa committed a grave breach of the Geneva Convention by trying them as criminals.  They are not even being incarcerated as political prisoners, but kept among hardened common criminals.  Even the apartheid government treated the ANC, PAC and other anti-apartheid zealots as political prisoners.  The ANC and PAC themselves brought applications to be proclaimed Prisoners of War during their struggle against apartheid.  Now, as the ruling party, they refuse to apply to the Boer People Political Prisoners what they claimed for themselves, while the Boer People’s Political Prisoners are being detained in the worst conditions as common criminals.

In the case of the so called ‘Boeremag’: There can be no doubt that all the Boeremag detainees had a purely political agenda and that they should be classified as political prisoners.

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