What is a Political Prisoner?

There are three types of prisoners:

  1. Political prisoners
  2. Prisoners with a political element
  3. Criminal prisoners

1. Political prisoners reveal a purely political motive in their actions such as the element of a Freedom Struggle, which also formed part of the actions of the Boer prisoners.

Political prisoners are divided into two groups:

– Prisoners of war those who were involved in war. Their political element is seen as criminal by the opposition who is incarcerating him.

– Corrective political prisoners whose political motives might be recognised, but their struggle is not justified.

2. Prisoners with a political element:The actions of this group were not freedom orientated, although a political element in the actions existed. As example such actions may be based on race. Although the action of the detainee might not have been politically motivated, the action carries an element of politics, or may be seen as a political infusion to the justice system.

3. Criminal prisoners: This group is incarcerated for purely criminal actions which are condemned by society and carries no political element.

Boervin are campaigning for the freedom of only the first group, namely Political Prisoners.

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