About Boervin

Boervin is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (read about the logo). Our main goal is to achieve freedom for the political prisoners of the Boer Nation.

The Boervin strategy is to achieve such freedom by using various channels, by means of

  • judicial,
  • diplomatic,
  • minority rights
  • and national as well as international pressure through the mobilization of public opinion.

At the end of the day, irrespective of what we do, our success depends on two things: funding and the opinion of the day.

Cultivating both a receptive climate and funding is essential. The greater the funding, the broader we can extend our marketing and awareness campaign. The wider our marketing campaign stretches, the greater the field becomes from where we can receive funding and the public opinion turns positively towards the freedom of our Boer detainees.

While our Boer nation continued with living their lives during the past two decades, building financial foundations, spending time with their families, watching their children and grandchildren grow up, created memories with their loved ones, there were men who were separated from their wives, children and loved ones, battled daily to survive under the most heinous circumstances. These men were imprisoned, and lost everything. Some of them had not even had the privilege of becoming fathers, while others were denied the right to see their children grow up. Most of them lost their wives in the process. These men have been totally impoverished. Day by day they are forced to live under inhumane circumstances with the biggest and most dangerous criminals, their right to freedom stripped violently and unfairly. These men continually endure the mockery and humiliation as “common criminals” rather than the recognition as men devoted to the survival of their nation. It is not only their worth which is being affected, but the worthiness of our whole nation.

It is therefore that we ask you to support Boervin financially. Help us to make a powerful and successful end to the suffering of these men. That we can make the world aware of the injustices carried out, not only against these men, but our nation as a whole.

Help us to achieve freedom for these men. These men, who in their desire to protect the freedom and lives of our nation and, in this process, lost not only all their personal belongings and assets, but also their personal freedom.

Help is to spread the message worldwide: “Enough is Enough!” Lets close this chapter. The men have suffered enough, some having already served more than 20 years behind bars. Give these men their freedom so that they, too, can start living again. The privilege of freedom outside prison walls that we enjoy and take for granted, these men can never get back again. Join us in our endeavour to allow these men to live that time which is still allotted to them, decently. They would have done the same for you.

Read more about the Boer Nation Political Prisoners.

Important: Boervin does not replace any support initiatives established to collect funds for Boer Nation Political Prisoners to use for individual day-to-day needs.

Donate towards their freedom:

or http://boervin.org/en/skenk/

Boervin free the politcal prisoners in South Africa